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Unlocking Possibilities for Liberatory Leaders

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Sonya Mehta is a Liberatory Leadership Coach & Strategist who works at the intersection of Inner Transformation & Systemic Change

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We’re living in a profound moment of global transformation, and we each have a valuable role to play in shifting the planet toward healing, justice, and liberation.


We are shedding the old stories that being of service requires self-sacrifice and depletion, and instead embracing the truth that when we honor our personal wellbeing, it actually expands our capacity for impact.


Now more than ever, our world needs leaders who are committed to their own healing and expansion journeys, and who are doing the work to courageously evolve. This inner work is only possible when we're held and supported.


We can look to and embody the wisdom of nature: The awe-inspiring process of Metamorphosis is nature’s only example of evolution within a lifetime. It is also the ethos that underlies my approach to coaching visionary leaders like you.


Like a chrysalis, I’ll hold a supportive container for you to evolve and expand into your fullest potential.



Liberatory Leadership Coaching

In our collaboration, I can support you to:

Unlock your unique zone of genius and transform it into a revenue-generating business, to make the leap into being your own boss

Root authentically in your leadership to access your more empowered self

Build routines aligned with your personal rhythms, and explore ways to prioritize your own sustainability and wellbeing.


Fundraising Strategy & Donor Engagement Coaching

As a fundraising strategist, I will work with you to create a customized plan for securing multi-year, unrestricted funds from aligned philanthropic partners. Together, we’ll set fundraising targets, map the ecosystem of funders aligned to your mission, develop pitch materials and set meetings with them build  a donor cultivation strategy that your organization can draw on for years to come.


Support Hiring an Assistant & Becoming the CEO of Your Business

As leaders wearing many hats, it’s a challenge to run all the departments of our businesses single-handedly, while also living sustainably. You may find yourself drowning in admin, ops, research, or marketing tasks, which pull you out of your ability to invest in your larger vision for your business and your life. With our support, you’ll hire your own assistant and build a delegation plan so you can access more of your creative and visionary capacity.

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Maraliz Collazo-Salgado -

Business Life Coach

I have had the pleasure of working with Sonya as a business and life coach. Her unconditional positive regard mixed with gentle perspective shifting allows me to feel both supported and stretched in ways that push me forward towards my personal goals. The incorporation of breath work and mindfulness also provide a way to recenter and reset in the midst of a busy day. I look forward to our coaching sessions, because I know that I will be met with compassion and inquiry. It has been such a needed space of respite and thought partnership.
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About Sonya Mehta

Sonya is a Liberatory Leadership Coach for soulful entrepreneurs, and a Fundraising Strategist for visionary nonprofit organizations. She is the founder of Metamorphosis Path Coaching & Consulting and the Founding Director of Partnerships at Embrace Incubator, an ecosystem of social entrepreneurs and healing justice practitioners. 

She empowers leaders to anchor in their soul’s purpose and create sustainable, thriving businesses, rooted in their own personal zones of genius. She believes in supporting leaders to find the “work that doesn’t feel like work” for them, where the ability to make an impact in the world and thrive financially come together effortlessly.

In her role as a Fundraising Strategist, over the past six years, Sonya has raised over $1.5 million for nonprofits by crafting customized donor engagement plans that combine ecosystem mapping, strategic networking, and compelling storytelling. Additionally, she has guided 12 solopreneur leaders to expand their teams, helping them hire executive assistants and learn to delegate effectively, so that they can become the CEO’s of their businesses and access more of their creative and visionary capacity. 

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Erika Merz ~ Artist & Facilitator

"Working with Sonya has helped me see that the big vision I have for my life can start with a subtle shift in myself."
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